You know your idea can make a


BUT you're struggling to

find customers and catch investors attention.

Time to try Go-To-Traction!

Go To Traction

100 Ideal Customers

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I understand you're juggling everything,

And finding TRACTION can feel overwhelming

when you're not sure how to begin or which direction to take.
It's easy to feel lost and a bit hopeless without a guide showing you the way
Good News, We Got This! 🤘

Are you struggling to figure out how to market your product?

Does finding and catching the interest of investors seem like an elusive challenge?

You’re not alone.

Many entrepreneurs are navigating the early stages feeling stuck in a cycle of outreach with little to no response or connection.

I can show you the most effective and efficient

path to success.

This is the heart of Go To Traction boost your business visibility, secure investor interest and find your perfect customers.

What clients say about Working with Lorri

"Lorri is truly an ABM maven. She is a natural connector, fun to work with, and has out-of-the-box creativity.

She has my highest recommendation."


- Brian Maddocks

Sky Warden Campaign

"Lorri is a social media superstar! She knows how to create messaging within a business strategy to earn quality post engagement, as well as how to drill into the analytics.

She also understands the technical side of each platform to optimize post performance, and more importantly, has the communication skills to break down these complex topics for easy understanding by those not so tech-savvy. She's a pleasure to work with."


- Christina Flores

L3 Harris Technologies

I had the pleasure of having Lorri as part of the teaching team in the Executive Leadership Brand workshop offered by the Center for Integral Advantage. With robust expertise in digital media strategy, Lorri consistently receives high praise and positive reviews from the participants.

Additionally, her contributions have always been enriching and constructive, providing participants with fundamental objectives to implement and a specific approach to leverage the digital space. Exceptional team member, and I cannot recommend her enough!


Robert Radi

Integral Advantage

From Go To Market Expert and a Data-Driven Storytelling Expert:
This is a


Hi, we are Lorri Kane and Sami Le and we love helping founders with their Go-To-Market Strategies.

Hi, I'm Lorri Kane and not only do I love the mountains (yes, all these pics are my adventures!) but I love helping founders with their Go-To-Market Strategies.

I've worked in the startup ecosystem for over 20 years, and I KNOW that creating traction and being seen as credible to investors are critical for early stage founders.

And common marketing strategies DON'T WORK the same way on LinkedIn so I crafted a new strategy.

Because this strategy cuts through the mountain of BS and gets straight to what works, I call it...

The Go-To-Traction.

I've only done 1:1 consulting in the past but have had so many requests for support, I put everything I know into an accessible and affordable step-by-step course.

Let me show you how to build a marketing strategy that creates

Authentic Conversations

that attracts both customers and investors.

No Shortcuts, Just Results.

From UCS Marketing Advisor:
This is a


Hi, I'm Lorri Kane and not only do I love the mountains (yes, all these pics are my adventures!) but I love helping founders with their Go-To-Market Strategies.

I've worked in the startup ecosystem for over 20 years, and I KNOW that creating traction and being seen as credible to customers and investors is critical for early stage founders.

And common marketing strategies DON'T WORK the same way on LinkedIn so I crafted a new strategy.

Because this strategy cuts through the mountain of BS and gets straight to what works, I call it...

The Go-To-Traction Program.

I've only done 1:1 consulting in the past but have had so many requests for support, I put everything we know into an accessible and affordable step-by-step course.

Let me show you how to build a marketing strategy that creates Authentic Conversations attracts both customers and investors. – No Shortcuts, Just Results.

Should You Listen to ME?

Marketing Experts says NO... Unless I've Written a Great Book:

Well, Look at that...

I was a main Co-Author on one of the best selling Linkedin Books on Amazon.

*Lorri Randle was my name before the divorce (because sometimes things change, you get it.)

And a few people have been interested in what I have to say...

Who Knows I might just become your new best friend in Marketing.

5 MYTHS of Marketing for Founders

  • If you have a great product - it will sell

  • You need to build a product before you can sell it

  • Someone will steal your idea if you talk about it

  • The more people you target, the more success you have

  • Paid marketing is the only way to play

We're going to have fun, debunking them all.

Unlock your company's potential to:

  • Secure direct access to 100 Ideal Customers

  • Create an enthusiastic community stoked for your success

  • Build a lead referral funnel that never goes dry

Achieve all this, with guidance by an expert and a supportive peer group.

Ok, So I have an exclusive Opportunity for YOU

I am inviting YOU to learn and implement these strategies

WITH ME guiding you every step of the way

  • 30+ Videos with Precise Descriptions on HOW to Implement

  • Sectioned out into 6 Modules that make sense from day 1.

  • PLUS Invitation for 1 time only to my 8 Weekly Calls where we walk through your implementation together. (I may not be offering this level of support again)


Look, this course is built to provide the methods and support needed to not only enhance your visibility but also to FIND CUSTOMERS and potentially secure substantial investment.

If the prospect of leveraging my strategies to meaningfully connect with a broader audience and ignite investor interest doesn't align with your goals—or if active group participation feels like a stretch—then this opportunity may not suit you.

We're here for the breakthroughs, the progress, and the collective triumphs.


If you are an entrepreneur who is serious about building their personal brand.

If engaging directly with ideal customers to validate your business concept is crucial.

If having a network of people who know you, like you, and trust you leads to sales.

If you want to build a community around your brand that's both loyal and enthusiastic.

If key industry contacts knowing who you are matters.

If you could make $10,000 - $100,000 or more in the next year if you could figure out LinkedIn.

Finally, if you are committed to spending time necessary using the strategies.


Module 1: LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Stand out on Google Searches

  • Resonate deeply with Potential Clients and Industry Leaders

  • Get Others to Send YOU Connection Requests

It all begins here! Just this step alone often makes the difference in going from unknown to the "Go To" in your industry.

Module 2: Algorithm Secrets

  • Make the Do's AND Don'ts of LinkedIn Work For You

  • Create Posts that Go Viral

  • Get Content Clarity To Easily Post Consistently

YES, when you know what LinkedIn get valued on LinkedIn, and therefore you get seen...

Module 3: Connections that Create Income

  • Learn the Secret Sauce to Get the Attention of Anyone

  • Stand out from your Competition and the Crowd

  • Get Invited to be a Part of your Idea Clients Network

  • Build Real Lasting Relationships that turn into Business Growth

Real meaningful connections are possible on Linkedin when you use a simple, doable process my clients and I use every day in creating more business.

Module 4: Finding Your Target Clients

  • Stop the Aimless, Endless Scrolling, and Engage with the Right People

  • Deep Dive Into LinkedIn Search Features to Quickly Find Your Target Potential Clients

  • Maximizing Results with Minimum Connections

Linkedin has all the connections you need, and now you'll know a direct path to research and find your ideal peak prospects.

Module 5: Perfecting the Message

  • Learn What to Write when Sending a Message

  • Maximize Message Impact to lead to more communication

  • Get drastically more opened and responded to messages.

Now... you can sleep better when you don't feel like people think you're a spammy sales person, AND you can create new connections with messages that resonate.

Module 6: Measure Success

  • Metrics that lead to Money - I'll shortcut knowing what to track to keep you moving forward.

  • No more... "Should I post this? Should I comment that?" You will know what works!

  • Use Our Tracking Sheet to See Your Progress

You'll be amazed as you track how unemotional the effort on the journey is. Now, you just take the steps and soon you reach the peak potential of your industry.

"What Get's Measured, Get's Done" - Peter Drucker

For just $1500, unlock the complete

GO TO TRACTION Program AND my Support

Get every tool, tactic, and technique that I've used to teach my 1:1 clients how to turn LinkedIn into a powerhouse of profitable relationships.

I was Quite Confused if Linked in Could Work, Now I'm Confident it is the BEST Solution for Me!

Move from a Frustrated Founder


A Sought After Startup

"I think linkedin's organic reach is something everyone under leverages on this day.., I don't think people understand how consistently you can get organic reach that you didn't have the day before on linkedin, and i'm very bullish on it.

I think Linkedin is more facebook 2015 than it is the Linkedin everyone thinks it is...

the human that is on Linkedin is a very different version of themselves, very transaction minded."

- GARY Vaynerchuk

HERE is where the Great Offer turns into "I Can't Say No" Section

(I hope it feels silly for you to not completely transform your Company Success)


EXTRA #1 Linkedin Launch 1 on 1 Call

  • Kick Start 1 on 1 Call

  • 1 hour of Personal Profile Review and Support

Value of $500 for my typical consulting rate

EXTRA #2 Wrap Up 1 on 1 Call

  • 1 on 1 Call Post Course

  • 1 hour of Linked in Plan Review and Support

Value of $500 for my typical consulting Rate

EXTRA #3 Recordings of all Calls

  • Recordings of ALL Support Calls

  • Review them for with Lifetime Access

Value of $2,000 for 8 hours of Training


Special Offer

  • 6 Modules taking you Step by Step through the Go-To-Traction Program

  • 30+ Videos with Precise Descriptions of the actions you will take

  • You will get the Exact Process I use to Create Massive Contracts with new relationships for my clients ($5,000+ Value)

Exclusive WORK WITH LORRI Offer

  • 8 Coaching Sessions to fill in any questions or gaps you experience in the process ($2,000 Value)

  • Recordings of all the Coaching Sessions ($2,000 value)

Value over $10,500!

(Did you jump to the end to see the price, slow down there turbo... If you're looking for a quick overnight answer this may not be right for you. However, this is a doable program. You should feel you can get in front of 100 customers, but it WILL take you the 5 minutes to go through this page to see what's included and realize its value. Your success will take some work, so check out everything we're putting into this and then come back and join and we'll get you in front of more customers and investors, and much faster than what your doing now. We've Got This!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't Afford It?

Ask yourself: is what you are doing now getting you in front of Ideal Customers or attracting investors?  If not, what’s going to change? I believe this should bring you an increase in income and impact, or you shouldn't do it. If you don't see that possibility reach out, maybe I need to clarify some things for you, but we trust those who know they are worth it will be able to get the results, and we'd invite you to trust we CAN help you get there!

What is this Really?

This course is a systemized roadmap to mastering LinkedIn. It's not just about understanding the platform; it's about leveraging it to create opportunities, build meaningful connections, and enhance your professional brand. It's delivered through a series of videos, 2 calls 1 on 1 with me for the early birds, AND 8 group coaching calls walking you through every step.

Will I have time to really implement this?

You are a busy founder wearing many hats, and marketing is ONE of the hats you CAN NOT ignore.  It’s up to you to schedule time in your day for the marketing you need to do to be successful. Personally, we think It’s hard to grow a business without customers. Don’t you? Plus you will have lifetime access to the course so if you need beyond the 8 weeks to implement due to unforeseen scheduling issues, jump in when it works for you, even the Q&A's will be recorded.

What if I don't use LinkedIn

If you don't use Linkedin this may not be right for you. However if you watch Alex Hormozi or read the quote from Gary V you'll see why you might want to reconsider not being on Linkedin, and if you're going to be on Linkedin, I'm your new best friend. Let's do Linkedin Right so you see results!

Where do I even start if I don't have a LinkedIn Profile?

That’s exactly why this course is invaluable! It guides you through creating a compelling profile from scratch, ensuring you make a powerful first impression.

What is the difference between this and other LinkedIn courses?

Unlike other Linkedin courses that teach you how to gain a massive following and influencer status, this strategy is about really targeting the right people, and carving out a connection through the right message - no matter how large your following is.

Can't I learn all this for free?

Possibly, there is a ton of great content on Linked in, Youtube, and everywhere on the internet. It really comes down to how much is your time worth, and what is the value of having someone walking you step by step completely. I don't feel I've ever found anyone really explaining the details I share in the course, but I haven't watched every video out there, so if you want to go spend hours searching youtube, this may not be right for you. If you value your time, you're my kinda person!

Can I trust you'll give me action items, not fluff?

Absolutely! Most of these lessons are workshop focused having you do the activity along side me. My focus is on “moving the needle tasks” - Action over just theory, ensuring that your business moves forward through clear steps you can apply immediately.

What if I don't have a product to sell yet, I'm still building it?

Yes! This program works for all founders in the early stages of their company. YOU are the company at the moment and getting your personal brand online and in front of others is crucial. The more interesting YOU are, the more INTERESTED people are in your company.

I've bought other courses that didn't work for me. I'm nervous about this.

I've found the courses that don't work for me is because they take too long to implement, I've made this different because it offers practical, actionable advice that you can implement right away in 15mins a day.  The 2nd reason course don't work is because the person teaching doesn't know what they are doing and how to teach it, fortunately, I've been doing this for a long time. The 3rd reason is cause you don't do the work, and well that one is on you. I think you have it in you, but you'll have to decide for yourself!

What kind of support can I expect throughout the Bootcamp?

You’ll receive lessons with homework through each module along with support from peers and me!
This includes feedback on assignments, access to the exclusive Q&A sessions (I might not do these again) and an active community forum where you can share insights, challenges and successes.  I will make sure you have the guidance you need at every step of this journey.

Would this work for other social media strategies

In this program I do focus on Linkedin, so I'll provide that disclaimer, but I have had clients tell me they used versions of these strategies on all the other social media platforms. The principles of professional networking, personal branding, and digital communication you'll learn here are transferable skills that can elevate your presence on any platform.

60 Day Guarantee

We Guarantee this program will create results for you in your Get to Traction Efforts. And IF you have gone through all coaching calls and completed all the work you are invited to do, and you still aren't seeing results. we will hop on with you in a 1 on 1 call to ensure you can get the results you invested in this program for.

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